Our Klöckhof

Experiencing nature with all your senses.

Welcome to the Klöckhof, situated in Schladming-Dachstein, offering a broad variety of opportunities, be it winter or summer, allowing you to experience and enjoy nature in it's most beautiful form. Located in a serene spot of the country and just a short distance from the town Aich, the Klöckhof is embedded in a sceneric mountain range.

Being a family business since the establishment of the the first guest room in 1987, the whole family has always gladly put their efforts towards offering our guests the best comfort possible. Of course this means that not only adults are heartly welcome but our little guests also.

To turn your vacation into a lasting memory, we invite you to get to know our animals, participate in the work in the stables or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Klöckhof. The spacious area offers large space for explorations or just distance and recreation from the stress of everyday life.

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